Entrance Matting Installation at Manchester Utd

Emergency repair of entrance matting in the Manchester United Club Shop.

Location: Manchester
Duration: One Day

On the 23rd of December 2015, we were contacted by Manchester United Football Club to undertake a program of repairs to the entrance matting in the Megastore club shop. Outer carpet edging and parts of the entrance matting were the issue, and required QFC sourcing identical product to match the existing installation.

Although we were committed and mobilised, the festive holiday period meant we were unable to source the materials required immediately. The work was planned for Monday 5th January before Tuesday evening match. A induction was carried out two days prior to work commencing.

The entrance matting previously installed had risen higher than the entrance doorway level, this resulted in an overhang and a health and safety hazard, a trip was inevitable, thus the task became critical.

To rectify the problem, in a twenty-four-hour window we removed the flooring sections, re-cut them at the required angles and trimmed them off with flush, durable, new-to-market ramp edging provided by Milliken.

While on site, we also refitted the same matting previously installed around the shops security units located at the store entrance. Unfortunately, the matting had receded and needed improving.

Precision and attention to detail were key factors during our time on this project. The design of the building meant that the doorways were angled quite significantly. Trim work and cutting were particularly tricky tasks and sensitive for both the doorway edging and the base profile of security units.

The products used for this project…

  • Milliken Obex Matting
  • Flexible Ramp Edge

As you can see from the photographs, the entrance to the shop is impressive. Although this was a complex and technical project, we were extremely pleased with the results. Our intricate and accurate work on this site possibly wont be noticed to the majority of shop visitors and this is what we like to hear because it means that we have potentially helped avoid an accident as well as improving the area aesthetically.

Another entrance mating installation with measurable quality.




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