Disruption-free Office Carpet Fitting at the St James’s Place HQ in Cirencester

We have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with St James’s Place having performed many flooring and carpet fitting tasks for them over the last decade. We were contacted by the head of facilities to undertake a complete refit of the carpet tiles at their headquarters in Cirencester.

The job was big enough to warrant a two phase program consisting of three weeks in the autumn and another four weeks at the end of the spring. In total 45,000 sq. ft. of carpet tiles were replaced over a seven-week period. The headquarters at Cirencester are impressive and feature four stories of office space with four stairways. The office spaces are all large, open plan areas surrounded by satellite enclosed rooms and executive boardrooms.

It was our task to uplift the existing carpet tiling and replace with new Milliken tiles. Due to the different demands placed on the flooring areas, St James’ Place opted for the Milliken Consequence Upshot tile for the general office areas and the Milliken Quadrus product for the service staircase due to the general purpose and heaviest footfall.

The Works

The sheer scale of this office carpet fitting project dictated the need to implement an on-site storage facility, consisting of two 10-feet containers in order to house the carpet tiles. This ensured a constant flow of product and mitigated the risk of disruption caused by external delivery issues.

The demand for this project required attention to detail not only to the finished product but to the structure of the work. As ever the whole process was disruption-free with us performing tasks out of employees working hours. We began work at 5.30pm and finished at midnight with 100 to 150 Sq. Mt. of carpet tiles replaced each evening.

At a location of this size, good handling of workspaces and management of work areas were vital. Respectful of employees working routine, pedestals, desks, chairs and other types office furniture were itemised and recorded to ensure everybody could easily continue their work following each night’s activity. In keeping with our strong approach to environmental responsibility, we ensured that all the old flooring uplifted was removed from the site at the end of each overnight works. Stored at our facility, the old tiles were then sent in batches back to Milliken; They use the old product by recycling and reprocessing for use as backing in new tiles.

A testament to our knowledge and experience, we arranged and invested in the pre-application of adhesive to the rear of the carpet tiles. The advantages of this are valuable, meaning a quicker turnaround and also the end result; soiling issues that can occur are mitigated due to not having to apply the adhesive to the floor prior to laying. We also favour this approach on larger projects as it reduces the environmental footprint with a much smaller use of adhesive.

The Result


St. James’s Place has a long-term relationship with Quality FloorCare based on the high standards of their workmanship, the products they supply and the flexibility and efficiency of their installation team. We use them for carpet replacement and carpet cleaning across our UK portfolio. They have just completed a project to replace floor coverings in our 45,000sq.ft Head Office in Cirencester; the uplifting and replacement of carpet being undertaken overnight/weekends with no disruption to our normal business activities. Quality FloorCare are trusted suppliers who are able to work in our premises without supervision, it is very rare that we have to request them to return for any snagging.

Ian Stroud CBIFM

Once again, a fantastic outcome with our completed office carpet fitting showing measurable quality!



Head of Facilities – Property Management | St. James’s Place Wealth Management

For a disruption-free, office carpet fitting with measurable quality, contact us on 0845 094 1948 or email info@qualityfloorcare.o.uk, we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements.